Q & A

*As I get questions from PCs that I think others may have, I’ll answer them here.

Q&A – Question 1

Q – The position for DPDC Chair requires a big-time commitment, how do you think you can handle it with everything else you have going on?

A – I have consistently spent full-time hours on political initiatives over the last 5+ years. With that said, the organization should be empowered, active and unified enough that leadership roles within the organization are open to more than just those that are independently wealthy and/or retired.

Q&A – Question 2

Q – Why did you drop out of the 2018 State Rep race?

A – I ran in 2016 and lost to Winger. They tied me to Madigan too effectively. Long story short, I was not actually planning to run for State Rep again in 2018. During petition time at the end of 2017, the Republicans were circulating a petition for a fake Democrat who would not actually campaign against Winger, so Winger would get an easy win. The Democratic Party, last minute, asked me if I would go on the ballot as a placeholder, till they could find someone to run. We recruited Diane Pappas to run, and worked our butts off for her (as she did), and I am so glad she won.

Q&A – Question 3

Q – Why do endorsements outside of PCs matter, when only PCs can vote?

A – Endorsements help PCs see the network of support I have already built, and my ability to move the DuPage Dems forward with our natural allies. While I have the vision, plan, experience and results to help the DuPage Dems move forward, the DuPage Dems should not be operating in a black box. To be truly successful, we will need to empower and unite with other democratic organizations, unions, activist groups, our community, elected officials and candidates.

Q&A – Questions (Endorsements)

Did you threaten the loss of financial support from anyone if they did not endorse you?

If someone is supporting you, and they asked for their support to not be public, have/will you list them in any supporter list?

If someone indicated they no longer supported you, would you remove them from ALL supporter lists?

Q & A – Number One Job

Q – What is the number one job of a county party?

A – To Elect Qualified Democrats, up and down the ballot, every election cycle.

Q & A – Did you resign from the Wayne Dems

Q – Did you resign from the Wayne Dems?

A – I offered my resignation to my township because the tension the county had with me (regardless of my attempts to continue to have a positive working relationship with the county) was affecting our township. It was affecting PC appointments and our relationship with candidates. With that resignation offer to my township, came the promise to stay a member and help the remaining officers with the transition as long as they needed me. My township, knowing of the tension, told me they wanted me to stay as chair because they believed in what we were doing, so I did.

Short answer, I offered my resignation to remove tensions from the county, my township convinced me to stay.

The isolation and punishment of individuals and townships will not happen with the DuPage Dems going forward.