Political Experience

I have been involved with the Wayne Township Democratic Party since January 2014. I have been an officer and PC of the Township since May 2014, and I have been the chair since June 2017.

I helped run the GOTV efforts in Wayne Township from 2014-2016. I have owned and run the GOTV efforts of the Township since 2017. Every year we built on the previous cycle, and we are now an efficient, active organization that is able to cover our entire Township multiple times for each of our democratic candidates each election cycle.

In addition to Officer and GOTV activities, I’ve worked since 2016 to recruit new members and PCs into our organization. In the 2018 cycle, we had three times as many PCs and four times as many volunteers than we did in the 2016 cycle, and we’ve already started our 2019 GOTV cycle.

I have been the social media chair for the Democratic Women of DuPage County since 2014. I’m also the current secretary for the Democratic Women of DuPage County. I have been the social media chair for the Illinois Democratic Women since 2014.

I was the PC Trainer for the Democratic Party of DuPage County from 2017 to mid-2018, which included creating/updating training content, creating/updating our online PC Portal and holding trainings for new and veteran PCs. I’ve helped support a number of Affiliate Groups in the Democratic Party of DuPage County as well as their social media and website presence (including building out the current website).

Since 2014, I have been a volunteer on dozens of candidates’ races from Trustee to President and everything in between, which includes my own run for State Rep in 2016. I have also been a surrogate for a number of campaigns over the years, including most recently Sean Casten.

I have had the privilege of working with a number of grassroots groups including, but not limited to, Bartlett High School Gun Violence Walkouts, Mom’s Demand Action, Fossil Free Bartlett and PsyPAC.

Prior to January 2014: My youngest child started kindergarten in August of 2013. While my kids were young, I participated in politics the most effective way I could without taking time from my munchkins. Prior to January 2014, I was involved with politics by donating to democratic candidates and doing virtual phone banking for democratic candidates.