DPDC Vision – Empower

To empower our organization (members, volunteers and PCs), the DPDC needs to restructure the organization. We need to review and reorganize committees and vice-chairs, allowing them to set and achieve monthly and annual goals. We need strong communication between the committees to ensure support and coordination between committees. We need to take advantage of all those that want to fight the good fight, and ensure their time and talents are used wisely, with a structure that allows them to succeed and be appreciated. This restructure requires the input of our members, volunteers and PCs; we will start to gather that input immediately with surveys, town halls and planning meetings.

To empower our allies, we need to consistently reach out to offer our help. We need liaisons to the grassroots groups, unions, and other Democratic Organizations to identify how the DPDC can help them with our mutual goals. We need to hold frequent meetings with leaders of these organizations to improve communication. We are not in competition with these other great organizations; we exist to support all efforts to fight for Economic Justice, Civil Rights and Our Environment.

To empower our community, we must not only continue to reach out to those voters we know are democratic voters, but we must also grow our efforts to reach out to those groups that feel marginalized by the current political climate. We should be reaching out to our younger neighbors, our LGBTQ neighbors, our minority neighbors and others to help us shape and drive our policy as well as look for individuals to join us in leadership positions.

To empower our candidates, we must offer a strong recruiting, training, petition and GOTV structure that benefits ALL our democratic candidates.

To empower our elected officials, we need to hold frequent meetings with elected officials at all levels of government, to ensure we are able to support and share concerns on issues and legislation.