DPDC Vision – Active

We need to be active every election cycle for every democratic candidate. We need to provide information, materials and Days of Action to our volunteers and PCs. We need to have coordinated Days of Action with other Democratic Organizations, Activist Groups, Unions, Candidates / Elected Officials. Our volunteers and PCs need to feel supported in their effort, and we do that by providing training, connections and resources. Our PCs and volunteers should know what jobs are available, know exactly how to do the jobs they want to do, have the flexibility to tweak their efforts to best match their style, and they should be provided with the resources they need to do those jobs.

We need to be active in the legislative and governing process by understanding and communicating about issues and legislation to / from our members and to / from our Elected Officials. We need to be active in the community to support the causes and issues that support our fight. We need to be proactive in our relationships with those who share common goals. In order to continue the progress we’ve made in DuPage, we must remain active at all times.