Moving Forward

Moving Forward – County & Townships

As the DuPage Dems move forward, we need a more streamlined vision between the County and our Townships. The County Party and Township Parties should be natural extensions of each other.

The County needs to be more transparent with information to all Townships. The County Party should provide easier access to and more resources for Townships, such as lists, contact information, literature, GOTV templates, etc… The County Party should share and improve processes with Townships and coordinate & support County-wide & Township initiatives. The County Party should also provide financial support to our Townships.

The County Party should also be a leader and serve as a Bridge between grassroots organizations and unions. We need to have liaisons from the County and the townships with these natural allies so they feel welcomed, valued and empowered by the party.

Our Townships have done great work, and the County needs to step up its support of the Townships so we can continue to build on the great work already done by our Townships.

Moving Forward – Better Resources to Candidates

The County Party needs to provide more information and resources to all Democratic Candidates, from the top to the bottom of the ballot, including PCs. Whether it’s information on filling out forms to get on the ballot, how to fill out petitions, help with getting petitions signed, getting paperwork notarized, etc…

One of the most complicated things about an election cycle, is getting on the ballot. The Democratic Party of DuPage County should encourage and support our Democratic Candidates so that they have the information and resources they need to ensure they get on the ballot without any subsequent issues.

Moving Forward – Grow the Organization

In Wayne Township, we were able to quadruple our active volunteers and triple our PCs in the last couple of years. We were able to do that because of our focus on being out in the community to recruit and inform people about our organization through Fests, National Night Outs, Parades etc…

We also did specific canvasses, calls and letters to democratic voters to invite them to meetings and events. Once we had people interested in the organization, we approached them to help with one thing at a time, usually something easier like postcard writing, letter stuffing, attending a candidate forum, etc…

We worked to tie the issues they cared about with the work we did, and were able to not only gain new volunteers, but get them to do more and more with the organization until it became second nature. We also ensured that we used people’s time and talents wisely with a structure that allows them to succeed and be appreciated with the tasks that suited them best.

That is the type of approach we need to take at the County level to grow our organization.

Moving Forward – Empower

Moving forward we need to empower women and our underrepresented communities. We must not only continue to reach out to those voters we know are democratic voters, but we must also grow our efforts to reach out to those groups that feel marginalized by the current political climate. We should be reaching out to our younger neighbors, our LGBTQ neighbors, our minority neighbors and others to help us shape and drive our policy as well as look for individuals to join us in leadership positions.

Moving Forward – GOTV (Get-Out-The-Vote)

Moving Forward we need a strong GOTV strategy for each election cycle that supports all of our democratic candidates. The County Party has two main goals for GOTV. The first is to identify our voters, and the second is to get our voters the information they need to ensure they vote.

In Wayne Township we’ve broken up those two goals into two Phases, and I’d like to see the County Party adopt the same approach.

The First Phase is focused on identifying the democratic voters and identifying & persuading independent/leaning voters to vote Democratic and vote Democratic all the way down the ballot. At the completion of this phase, we’ve identified all our Democratic Voters for the Cycle.

The Second Phase is focused on ensuring all our voters identified in the First Phase have the information and reminders they need to ensure they vote. We provide Early Voting, Vote by Mail and Election Day voting information.

Throughout GOTV, we need to remind voters that Elections Matter and to Be A Voter, that the issues they care about are Democratic issues and that it is important they vote Democratic all the way down the ballot.

Moving Forward – Modern Technologies

As we move forward, we need to improve our outreach via modern technologies. We need to build on the progress we’ve made via Social Media with additional content, ad buys and targeting to help promote events and initiatives of our County, Township and Partner Organizations, highlight candidates, inform people of important legislation, provide details on registering/voting, etc…

In addition to using VoteBuilder and MiniVan, we should leverage other technological platforms that allow us to reach voters and volunteers, such as Hustle and VoterCircle. We need to grow and innovate with the times and the tools available to us.

Moving Forward – Budget

The DuPage Dems should be operating at a higher annual budget. That money is available to us as we move forward in 2019 & Beyond.